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Coronavirus Mental Health: Is This The End Of Life?

The coronavirus, now known as COVID19, is a big issue. The question that affects most people about the coronavirus on mental health is what if I’m infected, and it suddenly seems to be the end of my life? Well, as I’m writing this post today, the numbers of infections are rising rapidly, and everyone is…
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23rd March 2020 0
Do Not Be Afraid Guide

The Only Do Not Be Afraid Resource You Will Ever Need Biblically

How many times do you hear people telling you “do not be afraid”? This is a really good biblical Do Not Be Afraid article that I came across which i felt was timely and wanted to share it here. Do you know what the most frequent command in the Bible is? It’s not “love one…
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10th February 2020 0
Do you love your fears?

Why We Love fear (And You Should, Too!)

Did you know that we love fear? THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULD TO! It is by following the path of your fears will you end up discovering your true purpose. As you evolve throughout your life, so will the way you are meant to express your #purpose. There is not only one holy key, only…
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19th September 2017 0

The Dummies’ Guide to Coming Out of the Comfort Zone

You keep on hearing this line “get out of your #comfort zone.” What does it mean? Why does it make you feel like you should get “out” of your certain comfortable space and do something else that you may be uncomfortable with? (MAYBE it’s something everyone tells you to do so you just do it…
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19th February 2017 3