Why A Lonely Christmas are Scarier than Dating Taylor Swift, And how To Get Out Of It

Why A Lonely Christmas are Scarier than Dating Taylor Swift, And how To Get Out Of It

is nearly here and you know it. The TV knows it, The movies surely shows it, the newspapers are buzzing about events. I guess what hurts most is that when you see other people spending it with their loved ones….  while  you are spending another Christmas.


Well is this you? Maybe you are just afraid to admit that you may be spending a lonely Christmas. Perhaps you may be also looking to break out of the loneliness.


Hey, you have come to the right place. It’s time to breakout of your comfort zone and get to know new people! Yes, it may be scary (especially if you are an introvert) but just follow these simple tips. It will help you spice up your life in no time.

Join The Community

You are not alone! Yes, believe it or not but there are also plenty of other people who also feel exactly the same way you do. Yes, you may not notice it but of course – these people also feel venerable and are also probably hiding somewhere.

They are probably hoping no one notices them but yearns to socialize with others as well. The good news is that you will find someone to hare Christmas with!

So why not get together and give it a go?

It’s a good time to sharpen your investigation skills.  Look for Christmas activities from the local community groups or church organizations. Who knows? Maybe there just might be something that you can join in! There are community Christmas Dinner and also possibly making new friends in the process?

Why not host the opportunity to cook up a delicious scrumptious Christmas feast yourself.  Of course, it goes without saying that you should invite me too (ahem).

Check out a new movement that originated in Australia called “Orphan Christmas”. The project encourages people to open their doors and hearts for those who are seeking for the comfort of community and also to share in the Christmas joy and cheer. This opens doors to the community who may otherwise spend Christmas on their own.

The “Community Christmas” project is a good initiative to make sure no elderly person has to spend Christmas alone. What they do is organise Christmas Lunches, pub/restaurant visits, film viewings and all sorts of other get-togethers aimed at building social interaction in the community.

Now you don’t have to stop at that. Why not just encourage other people to come join in so that they don’t have to be alone too!



Going To Work Isn’t Such A Bad Thing

Wait. Did you mean go to during Christmas? I mean, this is the time when co-workers will fight tooth and nail to claim their time off or leave from work. Work should be the last thing on anyone’s right mind!

However, should there be an  opportunity to work through the Christmas period, why not try it just to keep yourself busy?

It doesn’t take Ripley’s believe or not to tell you that there are also plenty of others who will be keen to work through Christmas. Most people would be on holiday so your initiative offer to  hold the fort may be very welcomed and also because the pay will be double, if not triple.

But of course, that’s not the point. The point is to get you busy learning and developing yourself especially during these lonely time with others. They might also potentially be in the same situation as you! There are many foreign students or residents who cannot take leave or buy a ticket back home. It’s time to befriend them and share stories. Who knows where your friendship might take you?

At the end of the day, guess what? You now have a Christmas income bonus and a new friend found as well!



Sign Up As A Volunteer To Charity Organizations

Christmas is all about giving! Instead of sucking it up at home…why not become someone else’s loved one?

You see, the magic happens when we shift the focus away from your own situation and make Christmas as it should be –  “the giving”. Voluntary organizations and many charity homes are busy and active through the Christmas period. To help those in need, an extra person that steps up is always welcome.

Volunteering gives you a good opportunity to mingle and socialize amongst people and keeps you away from your lonely place of comfort while making a real difference in the life of those who may be less fortunate than yourself.

Just by being around to help others at this important time of year will give you a sense of self-satisfaction. It creates a unique sense of joy and the opportunity to gain insights, , and strength from other people in perhaps even tougher situation than yourself.

I recall a time (this was probably 4 years ago) when I was personally helping a group of orphan boys at a local orphanage. I was asked to carry the heavy loads of gifts from the car and offload them at the office. Usually, I would grumble but upon looking at the joyful faces of other volunteers around me, I begin to sense a happy environment around me. “People were here to actually help”. This is not a waste of time to them, even through the work may be heavy and seemingly petty. I then lighten up and joined them in their fun. After the event was over, they invited me for a drink and some chit chat. I am still friends and keep in touch with them even now.

To get access to charity events, you can do a quick check for charity events in your local area or online. Consider offering to help out at the YMCA, in a soup kitchen or Christmas charity function (like a dinner), or visit lonely people at a Nursing Home. Try randomly buying and bring gifts to a children’s hospital to cheer them up).



Try Doing Something New And Exciting

So you have been sitting down (maybe even just lying down at staring into the deep space of the ceiling). You are wondering if someone would just break through and save the day.

Maybe you are waiting for someone to come save you and take you away. Away to this magical trail to Narnia…or perhaps the zoo even.  I mean, that would be more exciting than just laying here right?

Rather than just sitting and awaiting at home and, the opportunity has now emerge to do something about it! Something that you normally wouldn’t do or have time for. It could be anything, really. Just as long as it’s an activity that gets you excited about and involves social interaction or team work.

Well, it could be joining the group of people that you have always admired. But the thought about joining them but you were too afraid to step up and approach them stopped you.

Maybe it’s time to hit the number of that special someone and dare yourself to talk to them. You could also be a little bit more daring and pay a short special visit each colleague a visit.

You will never know the treasures you may find and it may even find this exercise wonderful in boosting your self-belief and .

Christmas is all about giving. Why not give gift to yourself? We may not be able to buy the bus “thing” in the world but how about giving YOU the best time in the world? Be you! Celebrate you!

It’s time to get out and do something hilariously fun!

Something you would not do or hesitate during a normal day. (Now, let’s be clear about this. I’m talking about positive healthy stuff. it’s not something that would damage or hurt yourself in anyway).

Maybe it’s time to learn to bake that chocolate ice-cream cake that you have been meaning to try. Soon, you will find that your mood has brightened up and people will find you more approachable to.

Look up! It’s time to shift the focus away from your own circumstances and make this Christmas as it should be. That’s the spirit of giving, and giving freely indeed.

You are not the only lonely person in the world! Develop a sense of Christmas camaraderie with other people who are also on a mood trip over the festive period and have a little celebration between you.


Celebrate Christmas Online

Maybe you are in a place far far away. Away from your family, your friends and even your pet! There is not a friend in sight and you are not read to get to know the surrounding people just yet.

Something is just holding you back and then you figure out what it is – you want to spend time with people who are mean something to you because time is precious. Time should be spent meaningfully with the right people who deserve it.

Well, the future is here! Distance is just a figure when you can connect with your loved ones online. There are tons of video chat platforms like Skype, We Chat, Oovoo, Facebook group chat, Google Hangout, Facetime or even the newly emerging Whatsapp with video calls feature!

Let’s get the part online already!

Virtual meetings are so common these days so it’s time to get on that bandwagon because it is riding in fast. People won’t feel so obligated during video calls because they can just join in as they please (in their own convenient time, of course)

Video conference calls (ok, that was quite formal…let’s try “Video party calls”) are so workable! Why? There is truly nothing like seeing the face and the expressions of the one you hold dear.

It is those expressions and personal ticks that make them so special in our lives and yes – we simply cannot live without them. A few minutes of video calls and we will feel right home again! A warm fuzzy feeling develops as a small flickering flame sparkles in our heart.

With these tips and treats, I certainly hope that you will have a not only a happy but a fulfilling Christmas. If you forget anything, just remember one thing. Christmas is not about the celebration but the reason that you are celebrating.

It’s time to give you what you need best…and that is self-growth and development. Once obtained, no one can take that gift from you. It’s something to keep sacred in your heart.

Let us all learn to enjoy the real joy and gift of Christmas and let our joyful cheer warm the hearts of lonely people out there.

Meanwhile, heres an awesome Christmas mix and have a lonely Christmas no more! Enjoy 🙂


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