Why I started this website?

Why I started this website?

Why did I start this website selfhelpnow.net?

Here is a story. Here is my story – the story of why I started this website.


I was lost, when I was younger.


I grew up in a happy family and was loved and sheltered by my parents until one day just like a nightmare – I received news of the passing of my dad from his best friend. He has chest pain while playing golf at the nearby golf course which later we found out that it was a heart attack. With mixed emotions of dumbfounded, fear, numbness and confused in a daze, suddenly I found a big dark void in my life and tasted the bitter taste of struggle and lack.


I know, some of you here probably may have had it worst. Growing up with no warm love from parents at all or maybe you have everything but still feel empty inside.


I struggled through those trying years, trying to find a foothold in life. Along the way, like any warm story – I met good friends, gained support and had a footing in life.


Or…so I thought


I found out that

  • Life isn’t as sure as I thought it would be
  • There’s no “secure” way in life
  • I thought everybody knows the answer? No, they don’t
  • The ones that know the answer are not obligated to share it with you
  • No one wants to journey with you genuinely
  • Life seems unfair
  • Players only love you when your playing


I sought self-help from all sources

However, I found refuge in self-help books, thought leaders like Anthony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Dan Johnston, and had been earnestly reading and learning because learning never seems to stop.


I then discovered the internet, and it has greatly benefitted me because of its deep resources and sharing from random people who want to make the world a better place.


Therefore, I started this website because I know that there are people like me too out there.


You may not have the same life tragedies as me, but we all must one day face tough decisions and clarity seems to be an expensive commodity that is preciously rare.


It is then my pleasure to pour out whatever I can into this website to be a source of inspiration for young people and people who are finding their way in life especially entrepreneurs such as myself.

In my quest for continuous learning, I determine to share as much as I can to empower your life because when you are empowered, I am inspired and empowered to do more myself!

And then, I came out with my “missions” list on why this was important to me

Through selfhelpnow.net – my mission is to:

  • Bring clarity and purpose for your life’s journey in the most layman term. Through my personal sharing and carefully creating compelling content to support and aid you to better understand life’s difficult choices and make better decisions.
  • To make clear the complex and make all articles as simple as possible. Sometimes big words and long terminology confuses and complicates the mind. You don’t need that! You need to un-boggle your mind and let your mind roam free!
  • To build and develop my tribe of followers. Yes, that means you too! We simply cannot go through the journey of life alone. We must share and encourage one another so that we can grow as a supportive community and there for one another.


I found out something else. A reasonable explanation of what I do what I do..even from a young age. What made me “tick”


Through my journey, I found out that I am an INFP.


What’s an “INFP”? It’s a personality type amongst the 16 personalities that have been found and categorized by The Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). This assessment is a subjective self-report questionnaire to indicate differing psychological preferences in how folks understand the world around them and determine decisions. The MBTI was developed from the work of the psychiatrist Carl G. Carl Jung in his book Psychological Types. Carl Jung projected a psychological classification supported the theories of psychological feature functions he developed through his clinical observations. From Jung’s work, others developed psychological typologies. Jungian personality assessments embody the MBTI assessment, designed by Isabel Briggs Myers and Katharine Cook Briggs, and the Keirsey Temperament Sorter, developed by David Keirsey.


After reading on the qualities of an INFP, I then begin to realize why I am doing what I’m doing – like a calling. This list is excerpted from Dan Johnston’s INFP Prince or Princess e-book (It’s a great book I encourage everyone one to read, especially if you are a fellow INFP too). Read on.


INFP’s are:

  1. Strongly tied to a strong rooted value system which resonates deeply within and will remain true to what they believe is right.
  2. Future-oriented and growth. *It’s true!* I’m always on the lookout for new possibilities and find ways to improve myself (and other people I care for too) along the way.
  3. Loyal and genuinely interested in other people and can be very perceptive. They will naturally strive for win-win solutions.
  4. Kind and warm to other people. (Yes this is so true! I always ask myself why I am so naturally warm to others eventhood they may not treat me the same way. I guess its inbuilt in me)
  5. Great communicators who can express themselves, their ideas and their visions exceptionally well.
  6. Able to develop deep connections with others and have a strong capacity for love and caring.
  7. They are extremely accepting of other people and their differences. INFPs see people as equal and tend to believe in every- one’s potential. This adds to the INFP’s gift to develop and inspire People. They will often see the potential in another person, even when that person doesn’t see it in themselves. This can be applied to team building, recruiting, managing and leadership (not to mention parenting).
  8. Very creative and have the best imagination of any type. This imagination, combined with their forward-thinking, gives them the ability to inspire others through their ideas and visions for the future. INFPs will benefit when they apply their creativity to create new products or use their imagination to create new worlds for stories, movies, or art.
  9. Bright and intelligent, INFPs can generally keep up with those around them and have no problem grasping new or complex ideas.
  10. Very adaptive and can function well in many situations. They’re very comfortable with change and do well in stimulating or uncertain conditions that require adaptability and quick thinking.
  11. When connected with an issue or individual, an INFP can become very vocal and determined. This makes INFPs particularly powerful advocates for causes, whether that of a forward-thinking company, a charity, or a social movement.


So this “ah-ha” moment came on and suddenly, I am pulled like a magnet and felt compelled to do something greater than myself. I need to share my journey with others and well, “spark joy” or even more than that…spark a flame of hope and ignite faith to those who are seeking it.


So I embark on an exciting journey on a quest to help others too!


I hope that person is you!

Let’s go on a journey where we discover our better selves together. I dream that we could sit and share stories at the end of the day. I would love to hear your success stories! Please feel free to drop me an email on your breakthroughs, and I might even feature it here to encourage other readers as well!

Please feel free to subscribe to our mailing list to be in the know of any updates or postings.

Selfhelpnow.net does not sell or rent customer names or other private account information to third parties, and we have no intention of doing so in the future. We want everyone to feel welcome and part of this big family too ?


I’m cheering you on my friend,

Mike Cheong

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